daily His (6)

DAILY, we have a choice. Who will we fully belong to today?

DAILY, we battle the spiritual war we are engaged in. How will we fight the battle?

DAILY, we fall to our knees and ask for the strength to be HIS.

DAILY, we gather together for just a few minutes to meditate and share what it means to be ~~ HIS.


I am Allison. Wife. Mom. Step Mom. Step Grandma. Shop owner. But most of all: JESUS LOVER living a life REDEEMED!

This blog began as a Facebook group to keep in touch and encourage friends of mine. What God decides to do with it is up to Him. What I do know is this: Daily, we must go before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to intimately seek His face. Daily His is my way of seeking, and sharing what God so gently places on my heart.

Thank you for joining us here! Feel free to comment, share, and ask questions! I’d love to get to know you better!

God bless us in our daily pursuit of Him!