Delight yourself in the Lord

and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4 

This verse has always confused me a bit. What does this verse mean to you?

First of all, what does it mean to ‘delight’ myself in the Lord. The word delight means to experience great pleasure and joy in something, or someONE.

Those of us who are parents, and/or grandparents probably think about delighting ourselves in the presence of our kids, or grandkids. Or, we may have a delightful time with a dear friend over a yummy cup of coffee and scone.

Maybe you know someone who you would describe as delilght-ful! Someone who lights up a room with pure joy. You may be delighted in their presence.

To delight ourselves in the Lord, we must have a close, intimate relationship with Him. We need that moment by moment contact, friendship, and intimacy that comes from investing our time, and our hearts into that relationship. The delight we find in the Lord comes from experiencing the closeness of His heart to ours. The joy we experience when we draw near to Him, and He fills us with an inexplicable joy and peace.

So, if we delight ourselves in the Lord – “He will give {us} the desires of our heart…”. What does that mean? I don’t believe this means we’ll get whatever we want, when we want it. I believe, as our relationship with Jesus grows deeper and deeper, He helps us align our desires with His desires for us and for our world.

It’s not about God making our dreams come true. But about our dreams aligning with what God’s dreams for our lives are.

Delighting  ourselves in the Lord is about our willingness to be open to His call upon our lives. He has a calling for each of us.

God’s greatest desire for us that we love Him with all our heart, soul and mind. And His challenge for us, is to love others with that same love.

He has been tugging and tugging at my heart lately to NOT be idle any longer. To not give just lip service to who God is in my life and heart. But to act. To make a difference – even if only to ONE person.

To love someONE the way Jesus loves me and to spread His LIGHT in this world. To dream His dreams for my life. And to take great DELIGHT in doing so.

May His desires and dreams be mine, and yours today. All we need is to have a willing heart, and follow up that willingness with obedience.

He can use each and every one of us for His glory.


God bless your day everyone!!! 


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Happily, blissfully married to the love of my life. Waited 40 years for this man! ;) 3 wonderful children - I mean TRULY wonderful. 3 wonderful step-children now - thrilled to be in their lives! 4, soon to be 5 (gasp!) step-grandchildren! Yep! GiGi Ally! ;) Pursuing JOY in every day living. THANKFUL for more than words can ever express... maybe that's why I started this blog!

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